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Royston Clothing will only use data from your visits to this site to help improve the website for all our visitors.  

We use software that collects information like your IP address, your location and more. It's common in the online world. We're only interested in how long you stayed on the site and how many pages you visited.

A cookie is an alphanumeric code that downloads on your computer and stays for a short period. It's used by our analytical software and is completely anonymous.


All the cookies you may receive from this site will have a set time of up to 90 days (subject to change).

You can clear your cookies easily at any time. For more information about cookies visit:  

Currently we don't have any advertisers on the site but if we do they are bound to use cookies. We will update this page and make you aware of the changes.

Using Your Personal Data
If we ask for any data it's only to help you. We may want to follow up in the future and ask if you need any more of our services. We don't sell and never will sell your data to a third party.

Privacy Policy Amendments
We may update this Privacy Policy at any time. We'll make a note of any changes on this page and date the change. 

Other (Third party) Websites
We are not responsible for any third party Websites and their privacy policy.

More Information Needed?
If you have any questions then please get in touch.